• mq1

    List of activities planned for two days of brainstorming

  • mq2

    Ideas for planning and experiencing a trip

  • mq3

    The user flow that would guide the entire experience

  • mq2

    Green stickies for positive aspects of an idea, and pink ones for issues we wanted to revisit

  • mq2

    Some of the best design ideas

In June 2012 I helped the MapQuest product team through the initial ideation phase of a new trip planning product they were working on. The goal was to define the focus of the product, and to outline the experience. So I planned a series of brainstorming activities that helped us generate a multitude of ideas, validate old and new concepts, and finally choose the best ones.

After two full days brainstorming, body storming, and sketching, we decided on a product would help you dream, plan, experience, and share your trip. We also came up with a cross-device experience, where you could start by dreaming about your next vacation on your tablet, then plan it using your laptop, and then experience and share it through your mobile device. At the end of the two days, we had a clear direction for the product, and a handful of design ideas and principles that would guide the experience.

Eventually, the original idea became MapQuest Discover.

Who I worked with
Chip Diffendaffer (Product Manager)
Gavin Graham (Visual Designer)
Krista Sanders (UX Designer)
Matte Scheinker (VP Consumer Experience)