I joined AOL as part of the Consumer Experience team, which was created to put the consumer at the heart of the product design and development process, and to ensure that AOL ships only high-quality products. One of the tactics we adopted to address UX-related issues, large and small, was to focus on fixing the most basic broken experiences first. This established a quality baseline, and created a culture of strict attention to detail and constant pitching in together to fix what needs fixing.

That project was called Broken Experiences. In 2011, I took over the project and worked on improving the process of finding, submitting, and fixing issues on AOL Products. I also worked on better ways of measuring success, as well as UI and Interaction improvements to the Broken Experineces website itself.

In 2012 Christian Crumlish and I had the pleasure of giving a talk about it at the IA Summit in New Orleans.

Who I worked with
Consumer Experience Team:
Christian Crumlish
Dave Feldman
Amy Lovett
Krista Sanders
Matte Scheinker
Jason Tusman
Various Product, Design, and Engineering Teams across AOL