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    Layout patterns for message Stacks

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    Sketches for email attachments and social integration

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    Interface and interactions for Deals Stack

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    Onboarding experience: showing users how to use Stacks

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    Explorations for horizontal filters

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    Purchases Stack

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    Social integration

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    Explorations for Stack settings

Alto is a recently launched new web-based email client that is supposed to help you make sense of your inbox. It automatically organizes your messages into stacks — such as Daily Deals or Social Notifications –, and it also allows you to create your own stacks.

In 2011, I worked on defining the experience and user interface for some of the main Smart Stacks on Alto: Purchases, Content, and Deals. The idea was that stacks would do more than just organize your messages, it would also parse data and present it to you in a much more concise and digestible way. So in the Purchases Stack, for example, you’d be able to quickly see which of your orders have been shipped and when you can expect to get them. I also worked on a few other parts of the application, such as attachments, and some initial social integration.

Alto is one of the most exciting products I have ever worked on. It is currently still in Beta, but you can request an invite and start using it with your existing Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Mobile Me account.

Who I worked with
Brian Behnke (Visual Designer)
Doug Hamman (UX and Interaction Designer)
David Louie (UX and Interaction Designer)
Bill Wetherell (Director of UX and Design)
Alto Product and Engineering Teams

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